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5 Steps to Rise in Love: Shifting from Falling to Rising

I had a thought about falling in love. Falling in love suggests that once you become in love you, you have fallen for someone or something. You envision fainting or feeling whoosy when you are around that person or thing. Falling in the Oxford dictionary means moving from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly and without control. My thought suggests rising in love, which has a more hopeful feel, mood and sensation.  Rising  means going up, increasing, or sloping upward. We have to recognize how our thoughts affect our action and work to change subconcious thoughts that hinder us to those thoughts that are more helpful and make us happy.

5 Steps to Rise in Love:

  1. Learn that some of your thoughts about love have been subconciously learned from childhood.
  2. Realize that love is an action word. It is a choice and a decision based on the thoughts that leads to your actions
  3. Real love is unconditional, it cannot exist without God, it is sacrificial and persists regardless of circumstances
  4. Rising in love means having patience with self and others, calmly facing difficulties without complaining but praying
  5. Rising in love is being kind, being honest, not being jealous or comparing self with others, being hopeful and enduring

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What is your coping statement? When life overwhelms you, use positive self-talk as your super power to make positive changes in your life. Apply positive statements or affirmations to your life every day. A successful life requires positive self talk, use of true knowledge, skills, time, effort, determination, perseverance and the patience to wait for a bountiful harvest coming from positive words you have spoken over your life.

Use affirmations as a guide throughout life, they will help to sustain you in your life’s journey. Use affirmations by reading them over and over as part of your daily inner conversation. Read positive affirmations in the morning; they will help to direct your path.  Read them again to get through the day. Read them in the evening and at night to put your mind to rest. Positive affirmations should become routine in your life. Repetition reinforces affirmations and lasting behavioral changes. Make affirmations an acquired habit that occurs automatically. Let affirmations instill happiness, peace and joy in your life.

Life Coaching

Life is a race, but it is a hard race to endure. A life coach is a trained professional who has the skills to help individuals and organizations run the race of life and see positive changes.

Life Coaching is focus on the relationship between the coach and the client. A life coach uses your personal resources to help an individual achieve the life that “you want.” Life coaching is about self discovery, forward thinking and planning, taking actions steps and seeing results.

Executive Coaching

It can truly be lonely working as an executive at the top. Have the freedom to work with a coach in a trustworthy, discreet and creative environment that helps you work through issues. Personal development should be part of your leadership development strategy.

Career Coaching

Coaching that builds upon your knowledge, skills, abilities, interests and personality for career development. You involve making better career choices, being a more productive and valuable worker. Get help on work life balance, learning interview skills, and developing better managerial skills.

Christian Coaching

The most important tool is to build on the principles of God’s Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God put us here for a purpose. God’s word provides the solution to why we are here. Build on life experiences and the vision that God has given to find solutions for your life.

Neuro-lingustic Programming (NLP) Coaching

Using this approach, the focus is on how an individual is thinking, feeling and behaving rather than what the issue at large is. This approach involves using your brain to be more effective. You are more in control of your mind than you think. Learn the tools to run your mind than your mind runs you.

Wellness Coaching

Helping individuals to cope with life adjustments, illness, anxieties and personal challenges. Coaching that is focused on prevention and maximizing your emotional and physical health and well-being. Coaching that is focused on the balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Celebrating 10th year edition of book, 21 Life Skills Affirmations For Powerful Living

As it was 10 years ago, so it is today, we are working on changing out self talk as a culture. The power to achieve anything in life is directly related to what you tell yourself. Life and death is in your tongue. Your self-talk allows you to act independently & to assume responsibility for your actions, goals & desires.

Positive self talk has changed the lives of many individuals, it has become a domino effect when one person changes, a family changes, a community changes and it can effect the world we live in. According to the Journal of Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, affirmations can restore self-confidence by allowing individuals to reflect on sources of self-worth.

Research shows that our brain processes are amplified when we speak positive affirmations, this is in “turn is thought to reduce reactivity to threat and protect overall psychological well-being. Affirmations can decrease stress, improve academic/work performance and make people open to behavior change” (Cascio, 2016).