5 Steps to Rise in Love: Shifting from Falling to Soaring

August 31, 2023

I had a thought today about falling in love. Falling in love suggests that once you become in love you, you have fallen for someone, you are not single anymore. The visual of one fainting or feeling whoosy comes to mind. Falling means that you are going down, you are plummetting, you are dropping. My thought suggests rising in love, which has a more hopeful feel, mood and sensation. We have to recognize how our thoughts affect our action and work to change subconcious thoughts that hinder us to those thoughts that are more helpful and make us enjoy life more abundantly. We have been subconscious trained as children to behave a certain way. Falling in love, being with someone special, getting married,  having children and dying gracefully, but life is filled with ups and downs as we learn to rise in love and not fall. How does one learn to rise in love and not fall?

5 Steps to Rise in Love:

  1. Learn that some of your thoughts about love have been subconciously thought from childhood.
  2. Realize that love is an action word. It is a choice and a decision based on the thoughts that leads to your actions
  3. Real love is unconditional, it cannot exist without God, it is sacrificial and persists regardless of circumstances
  4. Rising in love means having patience with self and others, calmly facing difficulties without complaining
  5. Rising in love is being kind, being honest, not being jealous or comparing self with others, being hopeful and enduring
Dr. Heidi Mcfarlane
Dr. Heidi Mcfarlane


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