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Anger Management Class

Dr. Heidi will guide you through an exploration of the psychology of anger. Gain insights into defining your anger and identifying triggers rooted in past experiences. Develop strategies to navigate and address stressors that contribute to your anger. Acquire practical exercises to enhance assertiveness, mindfulness, and establish a proactive plan for effectively managing anger.

Minimize anger and frustration.

Cultivate positive responses.

Foster a sense of peace and forgiveness.

Reduce fear and mistrust.

Navigate through fewer painful situations.

Alleviate both physical and emotional distress.

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Personalized Coaching

Life coaching is about self-discovery, forward vision, taking action, and seeing results. Key benefits include awareness/information development, problem resolution/skill training, communication/skill training, and relaxation/support training.

Professional Development

Coaching based on your knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and personality for professional development. Get assistance in balancing work-life, learning, and developing better work skills.

Relational Growth

Learn to communicate, overcome trust issues, help establish a loving, satisfying, and successful relationship. Learn to connect and experience better emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual love.

Spiritual Coaching

The most important tool is to build on the principles of God's Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God placed us here for a purpose. The Word of God provides the solution to why we are here. Build on life experiences and the vision God has given you to find solutions for your life.

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